About Weingarten Communications

For four decades, Steve Weingarten has worked at the intersection of journalism and design, organizing and advocacy. Since 1999, he has consulted with investment bankers, law firms, non-profits and labor unions.

As a journalist, Steve Weingarten’s writing was featured across the Americas, from Canada’s Maclean’s to Jornal do Brazil, and from the Los Angeles Times to the New York Times News Service. As a communications consultant, he has helped develop and deliver effective messages for a diverse mix of clients that includes immigrants and investment bankers, telecom giants and neighborhood nonprofits.

As Bureau Chief for Cox Newspapers during the 1980s, Weingarten reported on every facet of U.S. relations south of the Rio Grande. Front-page stories included the kidnapping of DEA agent Enrique Camarena, Mexico City’s 1985 earthquake, and growing opposition to Mexico’s then-ruling Institutional Revolutionary Party. He also covered Guatemala’s return to civilian rule and Belize’s efforts to stay out of Central American civil wars. In 1987, he served as President of the Foreign Press Association of Mexico.

During the 1990s, Weingarten was at the heart of a labor 
resurgence. As Communications Director for Local 660 of the Service Employees International Union, he chronicled the successful fight to save General Hospital and other vital public services. He has given voice to nurses, janitors, entertainment industry professionals, and many others.

Since 1999, Weingarten has consulted with a mix of corporate, legal, nonprofit and labor clients. He developed a public outreach campaign for United Teachers Los Angeles that reached deep into communities served by the L.A. Unified School District, created a scholarship program for one of California’s leading investment banking firms, and put union communications for the bus drivers and mechanics of Greyhound, one of America’s corporate icons, online.


Steve’s creativity, imagination, and energy were instrumental in routing an all-out management campaign to take back teacher rights, and winning the highest single-year increase in L.A. teacher salaries.–Day Higuchi – Former President, United Teachers Los Angeles

Steve put together a seamless, comprehensive communications program that gave voice to 40,000 County employees when L.A. was facing some of the greatest challenges in our history.–Gilbert Cedillo - Former General Manager, SEIU Local 660

Steve has a strong track record of reporting from Mexico. I always learned something reading his stories. Whether covering issues of policy, domestic politics or the everyday run of news, his excellent reporting skills and knowledge of the country gave his stories uncommon depth and insight.–Juan Vasquez - Op-Ed Page Editor, Miami Herald