Moving pictures are still the most persuasive medium. Video has exploded, thanks to smart-phone cameras and the global reach of YouTube. Combining original footage and news clips extends the life of positive reporting, reinforces your team’s self-image, and resonates with new audiences.

ATU Local 1700ATU Local 1700

ATU Local 1700

This heartfelt Mother’s Day message from Greyhound driver Sandra Frye was produced in partnership with Mothers Against Drunk Driving. The 30-second public service announcement, like one in Spanish with driver Sindy Vasquez, received broad airplay and presented a kinder, gentler face of union members as highway professionals who love their jobs and families, and care about public safety.

My Favorite TeacherMy Favorite Teacher

My Favorite Teacher

Everyone remembers the teacher who cared the most, who went the extra mile, who sparked an interest and ignited a passion. My Favorite Teacher is a project that cuts against the grain of unrelenting negative news coverage and highlights the men and women who continue to make magic everyday in our classrooms. No one delivers a more sincere testimonial than everyday people.

People for ParksPeople for Parks

People for Parks

Two neighborhoods with limited access to public parks and recreation got a little greener in early 2012. This 5-minute video narrated by newscaster Laura Diaz showed how Community-School Parks created by People for Parks and the L.A. Unified School District are better for students during the school day and for their South L.A. and Hollywood communities on weekends and during school breaks.

De La Rosa & Co.De La Rosa & Co.

De La Rosa & Co.

De La Rosa & Co. opted to forego the fine print when it came to explaining how the California-based investment bank approaches municipal finance. A revamped DLR website puts partner Paul Rosenstiel and other eloquent professionals front and center to describe their local roots, commitment to community service, and strong personal relationships with issuers, investors and each other.